LMIC Mentoring Scheme

The pilot of our new LMIC Mentoring Scheme has begun. The aim of the scheme is to link those working on clinical trials and studies in different organisations in LMIC (Low-and Middle-Income Countries) for online mentoring. The mentoring could be ... Read more

Essential Reading Lists launched

Trial Set-up Essential Reading List pilot

The Essential Reading Lists are a compilation of resources taken from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL Capacity Strengthening Hub Resources page. These resources have been collated into lists that we think will be useful for people working in ... Read more

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs A six-part online course introducing the future of clinical trials Dates 31st January – 30th November 2024 Infectious diseases are an urgent global concern, yet traditional randomised controlled trials lag behind what is needed in terms ... Read more

Online course for interpretation of CXRs in children with presumptive TB

Available free-of-charge to all audiences

The course is based on the Union’s Diagnostic CXR Atlas for Tuberculosis in Children: a Guide to chest X-ray Interpretation (2nd edition, 2022) that provides pragmatic guidance to healthcare professionals working in child tuberculosis. We aim to narrow the detection-treatment ... Read more

Online MSc Clinical Trials Courses

The UCL Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology (ICTM) online programmes for healthcare graduates.

Join one of these exciting online programmes for healthcare graduates (pharmacy, life sciences, medicine, nursing). Read more

The Research Learning Lectures

Hosted by the NIHR Associate Principal Investigator (PI) Scheme

The Research Learning Lectures are a series of lectures for anyone in Health and Social Care interested in learning more about research hosted by the NIHR Associate Principal Investigator (PI) Scheme. Read more