The Working Group supports the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL Capacity Strengthening Team in the development of the Hub.

Dr Lizzie Chappell: Senior Research Fellow

Dr Michelle Clements: Senior Statistician

Emily Dennis: Clinical Trial Manager

Dr Hanif Esmail: Clinical Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases

Dr Peter Godolphin: Research Fellow

Dr Marthe Le Prevost: Senior Research Fellow

Dr Angela Meade: Principal Research Fellow

Dr Sophie Merrick: Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Ilaria Motta: Principal Research Fellow

Dr Tra My Pham: Senior Research Fellow

Dr Francesca Schiavone: Clinical Project Manager

Kate Sturgeon: Training and Capacity Strengthening Coordinator

Dr Conor Tweed: Honorary Clinical Lecturer

Anna Widdup: Training and Capacity Strengthening Administrator

Dr Asad Zaidi: Clinical Fellow and PhD Student